Hello world!

Posted February 3, 2006 by femtoluz
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Ghost in the laser

Posted February 2, 2006 by sunnycanuck
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Damn thing just keep turning off… If it is not the main laser going on and off, or the amplifier pumps starting and stopping, it is the other students running around like chickens with their head cut off when everything is finnaly working.

HAHA… ok.. now we figured out the problem, the chiller was turning off.. there must be a sort or baddly made connection, we share the chiller with a few other labs.. well we will see tomorrow..

On another side, three students, and two profs in the lab, and no one was taking the boring data or pulse energy and number of pulses in the train of pulses. It was a mad rush to see the bubbles in the microscope. I can understand the interest, and how neat it is to have something show up, but people, some order, this is not a little science camp. You should have a game plane, an outline: i.e. ok, you look into the microscope and take pics of the sample, you download the pulse train and energy, and I’ll get the next sample ready.. A little note for anyone, for a full laser system to work many things need to funcion perfectly.. and that is rare, more so when funding is tight, and all the equipment is over due for service (in our case by several years!) so when the laser works, fun aside, this is work time, ever scrap of information IS data.. I have been in the office with a prof too many times with pics of a sample, and good results, but not knowing all the parameters because I thought it was a train run.. and then the laser was down and I was just screwed! I don’t like nagging the students, it not my place, but I do want to help.. hmm.. maybe I can figure out how to help and not sound like nagging..

First post

Posted February 2, 2006 by femtoluz
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Ok, let’s start showing everyone where is it that we work

Femtosecond Lasers Lab.

Here is where things are broken and glued with a glue gun, and double side sticky tape is widely used to make science.